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Excise tax is a specialized area that imposes unique registration requirements, tax filings, information reporting, and compulsory penalties.

While many taxpayers feel comfortable preparing excise tax returns, claims, and information reports, there are intrinsic challanges, (e.g., staff turnover, organizational changes, and law changes and ambiguity), that can cause your risk levels to rise. This is where the government's term "exercising care" takes center stage.

To avoid tax underreporting, registration failures, and penalties, it's imperative to implement continuous care. This can take many forms but where resources are stretched, the concept of exercising care can be compromised. This may result in significant administrative and economic burden, (e.g., exam classification, tax and penalty assessments).

The good news is excisetaxhelp.com was created to help you resolve your excise tax matters – big or small. Feel free to contact us with any question. We're happy to steer you in the right direction. Assuredly, should you exhaust all available avenues and would like additional support with an excise tax issue, know that we would like the opportunity to work with you.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional client services at affordable rates. Excisetaxhelp.com is now associated with Tax Advisory Service Group, LLC , a full service tax advisory service provider, and the Oscar L. Garza & Associates, P.C. , a boutique law firm specializing in transactional tax and trade matters surrounding all aspects of the oil and petroleum industry. We are committed to being an excise tax resource who pursues excellence and helps to mitigate anxiety and stress, and of course, excise tax penalties. 


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